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interview with the textile designer HYDER KHAN

By 6:22:00 PM

In Fashion e-Club we had honor to have an interesting interview with the great textile designer from Pakistan Mr.Hyder Khan (Jugni's Jania), to all of you who want to be in this field it will help you, let’s see it :

Hi Mr Hyder Khan , first of all thank you for excepting the invitation, will allow me to introduce you, Mr Hyder Khan a textile designer with 15 years experience he worked for various big fortune companies in Pakistan; I see in you a big passion of what you do and I want to ask you some questions to learn from you, and I’m sure my friends do too 

1. How did you started in this domain?
I would start from initial stages when I was a beginner; I never know that I have an artist inside me. When I went to school, initially did not get much affiliation but moving forward gained a great interest and I really like this field. You know what, when you like, it comes to creativity that belong to your profession and leveraged skills set. Now I much confident that I can do everything according to my profession even experts hesitant to do.

2. How should a fashion pattern designer be?
First of all, the designer likes the beauty and can create ordinary things into extraordinary. It would start from passion and my expertise is a passionate and thrilled for me even I never count the days, nights, and even eating while I am doing my creativity. Every time I foresee that something different I need to make like abstract that touches the heart, inspiration, kind off grab an attention in front of everyone.

3. What are the benefits of this field?
In the modern world and world is now global village, everyone has stance to perform and everyone like himself to be perfect and want to show perfect. Bottom line, you got be a perfect in your professional and keep striving, the destiny comes to the door step. I would say, don’t go for success, go for excellence.

4. Should I go to school to learn about fashion pattern design?
Basic education is necessary to understand the keywords of the profession. Initially we learn when came out from school and increase the learning as much as we could, then we strive to be the expert and generate your own publication, designs, concepts, measurements, ideas, brain storming. I am at that level of professions now, can drive the team of experts, pattern designing, making, etc.

5. Should I learn about printing techniques and fabric producing?
Short answer to your question is yes, fashion clothing making in collaboration with pattern designing, printing or fabric production.

6. Tell as more about you works, how do you get inspired or what kind of working process you choose?
Creativity and bring new ideas into the table is always necessary, think out of the box is mandatory in my professional, seeking knowledge and get new ideas from everyone at any time, it sounds like a nature at sometimes you inspired by environment, belongings, etc. Process and procedures are always keep increase the professionalism and in modern world is much diversified and competition, so we need to think broad, across the board in order to compete the market and enhance the professional skills.

7. Do you work on one style or you prefer to make risk to work on more and deferent styles?
Risk goes side by side with work and main criteria are to mitigate and make necessary actions accordingly. Yes, I am at that level of professional can take risk and show my expertise in front of potential customer. It is more likely to provide different ideas and thoughts in front of the customer, to somewhat like by providing multiple choices based on your expertise.

8. In your point of view what is the relationship between fashion illustration and pattern design?
It is more likely a family, need and care with each other like food and spice.

9. What kind of advises you’ll give to those who are planning to enter this field?
Always keep striving, think about the work, go for excellence not to get success, success would chase you when you become professional designer. Talent always matters, creativity, new ideas, different and unique style, up to the market. As to motivate the fresh ones, it’s a great arena and learning outcomes.

 a big thank to you Hyder Khan we truely did learnd from Tafina Tafy said you're so passionate about your work and that's what we want to be each one in his own fields ^^ thankyou again may Allah be with you and hope for you more success inchallah.

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