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interview with the fashion designer Khadija Bouguedra

By 7:29:00 PM

we hade honor to meet the great designer from Oran (Algeria)Khadija Bouguedra  (Khadijab) in Fashion e-Club and had an interesting interview with so let's check out together :

Hello Khadija Bouguedra first of all let me tell you that I love your first name it’s so beautiful .. Second thankx for accepting the invitation, when I saw your page and your beautiful creations I wanted to learn from you as well my friends, so allow me please to ask you those questions:
1. Tell us please more about your career and how did arrived to what you are today?

I’ve Always been fascinated by clothes making since my mom used to sew , she used to make all my cute dresses when i was young so i've started leaning really young(around 14 years old) ...since thet time i've been sewing only my clothes, and i started sewing clothes for others only since last year, so my career is starting Now

2. Why did khadija choose to be a fashion designer?

i kind of anserd that question above, so 1st it's because i love fashion ... 2nd because i'de love to make other Hijabies Happy about their look and 3rd because it's hard to find nice clothes for Hijabies in the Market

3. In your opinion how should a fashion designer be?

in my opinion a fashion designer should 1st. believe in his/herself and express his/her emotions through his/her creations...2nd. create clothes that he/ she would love to wear.... Bref pour résumer tout ca, "la mode doit être faite pour servir les femmes et non se servir d’elles" - Yves Saint Laurent-

4. Did you studied in a fashion school, and do you believe to start in this career we must go to school?

i have learned to sew and make Patterns by my own, with my mom's help, sewing Magazines (like Burda) and from the NET!!! but... now i'm studying sewing(pret a porter) par correspondence since few weeks.. so by the end of my studies i'll tell you if it's Crucial to study (at least sewing) or not

5. In this creative world from where you feed your creation and get inspired? Tell us more about your working process?

i get inspired from EVERYTHING tout et n'importe quoi!! and most of the time i design a piece, i quickly sketch it and start by making the pattern and after cutting the fabric i 80% of the time change the design dispending on the texture of the fabric or the shape of the pattern for basically i get creative IN the process of making the clothe

6. Do you like to work on one style or you prefer to make risk to work on more and deferent styles? And how you defined your style?

i'm Into "The Classy style" i usually work into that, but i also like to try other styles as well so i can reach and please the Majority of the Ladies

7. “Khadijab” why you choose Hijab?

i choosed Hijab because i'm a Hijaby at first place

8. What do you think about Algerian Hijabies ?

Algerian Hijabies rock (except some weird creatures LOL )

9. In your opinion how should a hijab look like, and what are its conditions?

in my opinion Hijab should be clean, Classy and respectful and should match with the islamic characteristics of Hijab: not too tight, not transparent and not too bright (definitely not Neon Colors )

10. What are the main obstacles you faced in your way? And what are the benefits you gain?

the main problem i have is TIME and second is the fabric, since we can't always find what we need or want in the market here . And concerning the benefits.. i've learned alot about fabrics, Pattern making, pattern cutting ....

11. What kind of advises you’ll give to those who are planning to enter this field?

my advice is .. be patient and PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE 

- nice combination of fabrics , tell us more about his one ?
         the brown fabric is "Lycra" and the top is a clear stretchy fabric 


- i loved the colors would you please tell us more about the fabric and the cut?
      well this dress is made of Cotton fabric .. and about the cut .. i played with dart's (Darts manipulation)

- i loved those two colors beautiful  
          kind of Matt Valvet !

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