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Sweaters .. !

By 5:46:00 PM

It’s getting already cold and i can’t wait to wear my sweaters
So I’m going to show you how to wear it in different  ways and styles

There are many style of sweaters , from the thin to the thick , many many cuts and designs the printed , the blocked , the mixed one with lace, chiffon,  leather and many more ..  you just have to choose what you like and what goes with your style



With skirts : for a formal and chic look wear it with pencil skirt , for a casual look wear it with a maxi or denim skirt , for a girly look wear it with girly skirt like skater skirts

With pants : if you want to stay casual put it with denim pant or jeans  also with printed legging , for a rocky strong look put it on with leather pant ,and for a formal look put it on with classic pant 

You can wear it With dresses , any type of fabric chiffon, polyester.. but just keep sure it goes perfect with your sweater   

Layering : for layering lovers , you can have a romantic look if you layer it with satin, lace or chiffon
For a casual look layer it with denim or tartan shirt also printed shirts
For a classic or formal look layer it with simple shirt  

You can decorate it with statements or scarves 

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  1. I love this post. I love sweaters and the ones you picked are all lovely! One of the many reasons i love the Fall and winter is wearing sweaters :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :) I am now following you via bloglovin :)

    Maryam :)

  2. yes i do agree with you Maryam i do love winter too for wearing SWEATERS ^^ and thankyou