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interview with the fashion designer Hind Berrached

By 10:28:00 AM

for anoter time we hade honor to meet the great designer from Oran (Algeria)Hind Berrached in Fashion e-Club and had an interesting interview with, so let's check out together :

Salam Hind Berrached, happy to have you with us in this group we love to know better and learn from a creative talented person like you ,so allow me please to ask you those questions:
1. Tell us who is Hind and how did she arrived to what she’s today?

first of all thanks dear for having me with you, it's pleasure for me to answer your questions:)
Hind Berrached 22 years old, computer science engineer , i loved everything with art , I loved music, I played Piano since 8 years old until 2009 and then I start playing guitar i was 18 years old, i was writing song and composing and drawing sketches, i studied and things started to became hard for me to do all, until in 2011 i was in my 1st year in university my little cousin came to me and told me ( i was drawing sketches) Hind you will become a fashion designer ? i told her whey not and since then in 2012 i re-sew my all dresses then i start to sew my own creations

2. Why have you choose this field ?

why i choose fashion design because i sleep imaging how can dress look like , i see something outside inspire me even little things strange things, my all life imagining new mixed colors

3. In your opinion how should a fashion designer be like?

fashion designer should be artiste, in same time organized , you have time for drawing and sewing , learning sewing , for your family , for your page , your fans , fashion designer should be strong, social , enduring person, creative of course , a to do list person , ...

4. Did you have some courses in fashion design? and do you think to start in this career we must go to school?

Yes i'm taking courses in Mars 2014 i started my first year to become a real fashion designer , I’ll tell you something since i started taking courses i feel like i'm learning faster and the right thing in correct way , my teacher( real fashion designer with several fashion shows ) guides me , gives a great ways to become a good one .. i think taking courses is learning fashion design in correct way

5. In this creative world from where do you feed your creation and get inspired? Tell us more about your working process?

my work process is like this: i draw sketches for girls with no Hijab, i'm soo good on that one then i transform this sketches into Hijab sketches, why hijab because I'm in love ,and because all my client wear Hijab 

6. Do you like to work on one style or you prefer to make risk to work on more and deferent styles? And how you defined your style?

I work on different styles , evening dress, haute couture, funky , classy, school wears , ... I tried all this different styles

7. Why have you chosen Hijab us a them for you collections?

why i choose Hijab for my collection because Hijab is the number one for me , the kind of clothes i want to work and buy for my clients other styles are made for me that's all

8. In your opinion how should a Hijab look like, and what are its conditions?

i think i am not in position to answer how should Hijab look like because it's not me who defined it, and in my opinion people know how a real Hijab looks like ex this girl who wear jeans and short top knows that her Hijab is not completed , so you know the rest

9. What are the main obstacles you faced in your way? And what are the benefits you gain?

the mean obstacle was my family they were not supporting me , they were against all this , they didn't want me to sew clothes , i remember they were throwing my sketches when i was child i had 100 of them cause i was drawing a lot but they disappeared and i draw again than i could find my sketches, hamdoulillaah what i gain from this is that i can't face this anymore i can say i am about to give up on this cause i 'm getting too much problems because i just want to be what i was dreaming for since a longtime ago
10. What are the advises you’ll give to those who are planning to enter this field?

the advices are; make sure that your parent are with you and you got much support by the one you love and the one that are close to you, work hard, go to school to learn sewing, learn textiles, and learn how you work

11. I can see a lot of colors in your collection that means you’re happy person! Tell us more about your last collection please?

why i choose colors in my collection because it was a spring summer collection , spring means Colors for me , means Flowers , and also i'm kind of loving colors in clothes

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